When students were all virtual last year, everyone realized how important it was for students to have connections with other students and to be actively involved in school activities. As students have returned to in-person classes this year, it is easier to have interactions, but still important to take advantage of different ways to connect with the school community. Students also talked about how important it was for their mental health to have some social interaction events to look forward to.

What is the PTSA doing?

We are helping to facilitate communication and raise awareness of these issues and helping to organize resources and support. We are also trying to plan a social event to help build more connections between students! We are also offering to leverage our resources to help student clubs and other existing organizations provide additional opportunities for activity and engagement among students and parents.

What can parents do to help our students?

(1) Join the PTSA! Help our efforts to build the school community.

(2) Urge students to JOIN A WSHS CLUB– Info on the Student Life Activities Page:  https://westspringfieldhs.fcps.edu

(3) Check out The Oracle, the student newspaper of WSHS. Learn about what other students are up to!

(4) Help connect with teachers: encourage your student to take advantage of teacher office hours; help your student work on developing relationships with teachers; help them draft an e-mail to a teacher.

(5) Volunteer — it’s something your student can be in control of and meet new people. Check out the WSHS service learning page!

(6) Talk with your student. Help develop a plan for more connection together. Help your student come up with a reason to reach out to a friend that he or she hasn’t connected with for a while.

(7) Check out the WSHS Spartan Events Calendar for events that might help your student connect with others!

(8) See Community and Family Resources | West Springfield High School (fcps.edu)

New to WSHS? 

Connect with Student Ambassadors — Ms. Biever – jmbiever@fcps.edu

Student still struggling? Reach out to your student’s counselor

Follow WSHS Counselors on Instagram and Twitter   @WSHS_Counselors 

Connect with ‘Sources of Strength’ — Ms. Abrigo – rpabrigo@fcps.edu