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How to advocate with the Fairfax County School Board
School Board 101

FCPS Calendar Survey

In an annual planning process, FCPS uses input from the community to help develop the school year calendar for the following year. The Calendar Survey was sent by email on about November 14. Please check your email for a link.

Our framework for creating the calendar is available online to ensure transparency, as we work to build a calendar that is inclusive and equitable.

FCPS Strategic Planning that Reaches All

The strategic planning process is a community-wide effort. There will be many opportunities to share feedback or participate in a community meeting. We want our community to stay informed and be involved. You can help! 

If you are an active member of a community organization or group who people look to for information, please consider signing up to be a key communicator during the strategic planning process. FCPS key communicators should have an interest in sharing information about the school division and encouraging involvement. Key communicators will:

  • Receive regular updates including news, information, future events, and engagement opportunities. 
  • Share the information they receive with their group in a timely manner.
  • Encourage group participation in engagement and feedback opportunities where appropriate and possible. 

If you or someone from your organization would like to serve as an FCPS key communicator during the strategic planning process, please submit this form by Monday, November 28.

Call for community feedback on FLE

Important changes have been proposed to Family Life Education (FLE) taught to students in FCPS schools. The school board is asking for community feedback regarding these changes.

What is FLE?

FLE is the acronym for “Family Life Education” taught in FCPS classrooms. It currently covers: family living and community relationships, abstinence education, the value of postponing sexual activity, the benefits of adoption as a positive choice in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, human sexuality and human reproduction. More detailed information can be found here:

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed curriculum can be found here:

Where can I express my thoughts and opinions?

Please respond to the call for community feedback by submitting your responses here:

The comment period closes on December 1, 2022, at 4:30 p.m.

Return to School Survey

Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) Office of Research and Strategic Improvement (ORSI) is seeking to understand your and your child’s experiences this school year. Your voice is critical to understanding the successes and challenges of teaching and learning this year. The information you and other families provide will be used along with other data to make improvements that support schools, students, and staff.

You should be able to complete the survey in about 15 minutes. Only staff in ORSI will be able to see your responses. This survey is anonymous; no one, including ORSI, will be able to link your responses to you or your child. By answering the questions in this survey, you are consenting to participate. Thank you for your thoughtful response. The perspective of FCPS families is vital to understanding the successes and challenges of teaching and learning this school year.

Please complete the survey by 8pm on Friday, November 28.  Click one of the links below to begin the survey in your preferred language.

English: FCPS Family Return to School Survey (
Arabic: أستطلاع لعوائل طلاب مدارس FCPS لخريف 2022 (
Chinese: 费郡公立学校 2022 年秋季家庭调查 (
Korean: 2022 가을 FCPS 가족 설문 조사 (
Spanish: Encuesta de FCPS para las Familias – otoño 2022 (
Urdu: FCPS موسم خزاں 2022ء خاندان کیلئے سروے (
Vietnamese: Cuộc Thăm Dò Ý Kiến của FCPS Mùa Thu 2022 Dành Cho Gia Đình (

Please note that this survey is optional. If you have technical questions about the functioning of the family survey, please contact Mary Richardson at If you have specific questions about your child’s learning, please contact staff at their school.