Why Join the WSHS PTSA?

We are facing never before seen challenges and we need your support more than ever.  Last year the PTSA was dormant. We are back now, and we ask you to join our rebuilding effort and make WSHS stronger!  

Be a Role Model:  

By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child, other teachers, and other students the importance you place on the education and community at WSHS.

Help Improve our School:  

Your membership helps the WSHS PTSA serve as a voice for parents, students, and teachers, increase communication, and provide opportunities to enhance the school experience at WSHS.

A portion of your dues goes directly to our PTSA activities. As a member, you get a say in what the PTSA does, and the dues help the WSHS PTSA to bring back programs that have enriched our school in the past:

·      Educational events for parents and students

·      Social events to build community

·      Mini Grants for WSHS Faculty

·      “Above and Beyond” awards recognizing contributions by teachers, staff, and students

·      Student Scholarships for Success

·      Staff and Teacher Appreciation

·      Teacher of the Year Awards

·      Baccalaureate celebration for graduating seniors

·      Improvement of school grounds

WSHS PTSA members become eligible to apply for grants and other opportunities available through WSHS PTSA and local, state, and national affiliates.

When you join our PTSA you also become part of the larger PTA organization and get access to information and membership benefits through a network of national and state partners such as Office Depot.  Some of your dues also go to the national, state, and local PTA organizations that provide leadership training and support for our local leaders and advocate for resources and policies to improve our schools.  Membership numbers matter:  the more people who join the PTA, the stronger those advocacy efforts can be.