For the first 20 classes in which at least 8 students keep their cameras on for most of the class, the PTSA will give a nominal gift to the teacher of that class.  

  • How will the PTSA know?  It’s on the honor system.  Any student from that class can e-mail the PTSA at to let us know if your class had 8 or more students keep their cameras on for most of the class.  We will post the classes that have qualified on our website so that everyone can see what has already been reported.
  • How can I get other students to know why I’m turning on my camera?  That’s up to you.  You are smart, creative high schoolers!  Some may post a chat at the beginning of class to encourage others, or plan outside of class. 
  • Can teachers help?  No.  This has to be totally student driven because FCPS policy does not allow teachers to ask students to turn on camera.  There are good reasons for that policy, but there are also good reasons for kids who feel comfortable turning on their cameras to do so (and that’s why the PTSA is pushing this as a voluntary effort!)
  • What’s in it for me?  Hopefully students will feel more connected with each other if you get to see each other.  This is an experiment.  The idea is that the desire to generate a small reward for teachers might motivate students. 

What's this all about?

The PTSA heard from students and counselors that students really want to see other kids in their classes, but most students don’t want to be the first ones to turn on their cameras just because they don’t want to stand out.  The counselors report that if 4-5 students turn them on, then others tend to follow.  So the PTSA is providing a little incentive to help make this happen while there is still some time for virtual school!