Draft Bylaws for consideration at May membership meeting

The WSHS PTSA Bylaws were last approved in 2016 and need to be renewed this year. Therefore VP2 Maggie Ewell formed a bylaws committee comprised of Secretary April Duncan and VP1 Tricia Martin.

The committee took the Virginia state PTA (VAPTA) bylaws template for local councils, which was last updated in 2020, and used that to draft new bylaws.  In general, the VAPTA requires local units to follow the template and only deviate in a few areas where discretion is allowed.  

The draft bylaws are available for review at the link below.  Maggie has included comment bubbles explaining where those areas of discretion were exercised and has also highlighted the areas that are different from our current bylaws.  Our current bylaws are available on our website at Bylaws – WSHS PTSA

A big thank you to Maggie, Trish, and April for completing this work! If you have any questions about the draft bylaws, please feel free to e-mail Maggie at VP2@wshsptsa.net

Our current bylaws require any changes to the bylaws to be viewable for 30 days prior to the date on which they will be up for approval, so these draft bylaws were posted on our website on April 11 for a May 11 membership meeting.

Draft Bylaws 2021 – West Springfield High PTSA