Call for Nominating Committee Members

We need at least 3 volunteers to form a nominating committee in preparation for elections later this spring. If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, please contact Richard Ewell at The nominating committee will be elected at the April 11, 2021 membership meeting. Nominations for the Nominating Committee will be accepted from the floor at that time. Because the nominating committee handles the nomination of people for officer positions, you should not serve on the nominating committee if you intend to run for one of the officer positions.

Below is an excerpt from Article 6, Section 3 of our bylaws regarding the nominating committee:

#Section 3. Nominating committee:

a. Each member of the nominating committee must be a member of this local PTA/PTSA.

b. The nominating committee shall consist of three (3) members who shall be elected by

the members of this local PT A/PTSA at their regular general membership meeting at least

two (2) months prior to the election of officers. The committee shall elect its own


c. The nominating committee shall nominate an eligible person for each office to be filled

and report its nominees to the members at a regular general membership meeting at least

thirty (30) days prior to the general membership election meeting. At the general

membership election meeting, additional nominations may be made from the floor.

d. Only those persons who have signified their consent to serve, if elected, shall be

nominated for or elected to such office.