Executive Committee: These responsibilities for the elected board are described in the WSHS PTSA bylaws, available for viewing at Some additional information is provided below:

President: Attends and runs monthly meetings (historically held the first Monday of each month from 7:00-8:00p.m.) Primary Liaison to the WSHS Principal as well as to the Fairfax County Council PTA (FCCPTA) and the Virginia PTA (VAPTA). Coordinates the work of all officers and committees (except the nominating committee). Keeps up with emails sent to the PTSA email account (

1st Vice President: “Program Chair” Is the first one to assume responsibilities of the President if they are unable to perform their duties. Coordinates PTSA programs such as the SAT Practice Test that is held twice a year and other programs/fund raisers that come up.

2nd Vice President: “Policy and Procedure Chair” Acts as an aide to the President and performs delegated activities as assigned. Responsible for Proposed Legislation Program (PLP) vote (work with the Bylaws/Legislation Chair) that is required by Virginia PTA. Assignments may include coordinating a PTSA table at curriculum night, being the PTSA liaison for renovation issues, or recruiting for next year’s Committee Chairpersons.

Treasurer: Acts as the accountant. Presents the monthly budget at each meeting. Makes disbursements and bank deposits. Remits dues to the state PTA association by the required dates. Prepares end of year federal taxes, financial reports and audit forms. Completes the yearly Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) application due each January. Refer to our bylaws for complete description and details.

Secretary: Takes attendance and notes at PTSA meetings and ensure they are posted on the PTSA website. See all duties listed in Bylaws.

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN on the EXECUTIVE BOARD: All Committee Chairs are expected to attend as many of the monthly meetings as possible from September to June. Several Committees are best filled with two or more people. Consider teaming up and creating subcommittees, Assistant Chairs, or Co-Chairs. The dollar amounts raised and/or spent by various Committees can be viewed at the PTSA website on the latest Treasurers Report. Some Committees may have more detailed information available under separate cover and inquiries can be made to the Chairperson.

Above and Beyond Awards: Solicits nominations every quarter for students, staff, or parent volunteers who are recognized for their efforts within WSHS. Make certificates and get gift cards for those who win the awards and distribute to the winners.

All Night Graduation Party (ANGP): This annual event occurs on the night of graduation to help keep students safe and off the roads. Planning and fundraising begins the spring and summer BEFORE the student’s senior year. The work of the committee includes finding a place to hold the party (traditionally Lee District Rec Center), arranging for activates at the party (large blow-ups, casino games, pool actives, etc.), food, give-a- ways, items to be ‘sold’ in the store, entertainment during the party. They also handle ticket sales, gathering volunteers for the party, and supervision for the approximately 400 students who attend. A team of parent volunteers is needed to oversee and coordinate this annual event. Meeting are monthly at the beginning of the school year, then biweekly and weekly as the party date grows closer. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities whose time committed ranges from minimal to significant, but all are important.

The ANGP Chair oversees all sub-committees that are needed to run this event successfully and oversees all committee meetings. The Chair attends monthly PTSA meetings and reports party planning progress.

Baccalaureate: A spiritual celebration for graduating seniors and their families held at a local church each year on a weekend in June before graduation. All denominations are represented at the service and everyone is welcome. The Chair is responsible for arranging for the speakers, programs and a small reception to be held after the service.

Beautification and Grounds: Maintains landscaping and container plants. Coordinates with WSHS staff to supervise Clean-up or Beautification Day(s) that allows students to get community service credits.

Bylaws/Legislation: Oversees revisions or changes to the WSHS PTSA Bylaws and takes care of the annual PLP actions presented by VAPTA and any other legislative issues. The bylaws are required to be revised every 5 years. The most recent revision was in April 2016. Also advises on parliamentary procedures at the meetings. May attend FCPS School Board meetings and School Board Representative Town Hall meetings to report news to the PTSA and school body.

Communications/Twitter: Is in charge of obtaining all information from any board member who needs to get information into the weekly Keep In Touch (KIT) message. This Chair works with the school official in charge of the KIT. Will also manage PTSA’s Twitter feed.

Community Relations: This position, when filled, coordinates and administers programs like Teen Parenting classes, Saturday Night in the suburbs, Just Ask (Anti Human Trafficking), etc. Also would be responsible for sending PTSA thank-you correspondence to our donors and local businesses that have supported the event.

FCCPTA Special Education Liaison: This person attends FCCPTA Special Education Meetings and reports back information to our PTSA. They also ensure that important information is given to the Communications/Twitter Chair person so that it is distributed in KIT messages when needed.

Giant A+ Rewards Liaison: Is in charge of urging parents and friends of the school to register their Giant rewards card for the A+ program. Most of the work is done at the beginning of the year. The money raised by this program goes to the school not the PTSA but the PTSA facilitates the program for the school.

Hospitality (for Teachers): This Chair plans two teacher and staff luncheons during the school year. One before winter break and one near Teacher Appreciation Week (the first week of May). This Chair will work with the Principal and staff to pick dates and plan the events to make them a success. Also chooses and works with a caterer to provide the food for the events.

Irving MS Liaison: Attends Irving MS PTA meetings and our PTSA meetings and provides communication as needed between the two schools.

Membership: This Chair is responsible for all things membership. Signups, keeping accurate membership lists (to be provided to Secretary), collecting dues and remitting them to the Treasurer. Busiest time for this Chair is the beginning of the school year. Should plan to attend Spartan Spree, Spartanfest, Curriculum Night and other events when parents are most likely to be at school to make it easy for them to sign up as a member of the PTSA.

Mini Grants: The Chair shall make mini-grant applications available the staff. They collect all mini-grant requests, meets with a small committee to go over all applications and award the mini grant money. They work with staff at school whose grant requests have been awarded money and the Treasurer to ensure that the grants are spent and paid by the mini-grant deadline. This funded with the money made at Spartanfest.

Newsletter: This is a new position and can be as simple or complex as the Chair desires. Ideally, this person would create a short (no more than two pages) monthly newsletter that contains school, PTSA, and community news would be sent out to PTSA members via email.

Safety and Health: Works with the clinic to make sure they are stocked with the supplies they need. Purchases and delivers supplies as needed; fulfill any other clinic needs (volunteers for screenings, etc.).

Save the Art: Photograph all existing artwork in the HS before the renovation begins. Obtain estimates for creating tiles with the artwork imprinted on them. Work with Mr. Muir to get a spot saved in the school for the tiles to be installed. In the future, implement a “sponsor” sale of the art tiles. When the school renovation is nearing completion, arrange for a contract with a tile mason to install the tiles in the newly renovated school.

Scholarship for Success: Oversees a WSHS PTSA scholarship awarded to seniors with IEPs who submit applications. Work with Career Center, school officials in charge of the Senior Awards Ceremony and present the scholarships at that event.

Sidewalk Advocate: Serves as a liaison between the PTSA and local government and elected officials to help advocate and oversee the needed changes at Rolling Road and our school entrances for pedestrian safety.

SpartanFest Oversees the annual fall craft fair that is held at this popular and important festival at WSHS, typically on a Saturday on October. Duties include organizing vendors for the craft show, laying out the floor plan for the vendor spaces, organizing volunteers to help with the event, hosting, running, and advertising craft fair. This Chair position is very busy August – October. Will work with Student Activities Office, and other staff at the school to make this event successful. All profits fund the mini-grant program for WSHS teachers.

Spartanfest Silent Auction: This position solicits donations from the school community, local businesses, and the vendors at the Spartanfest craft show. This Chair is in charge of displaying the items the day of Spartanfest, oversees the logistics of the silent auction, collects money raised, and distributes the auction items to those with the winning bids. Ensures donors are recognized and thanked. This Chair works in conjunction with the Spartanfest Chair and school staff to ensure a successful event.

Teacher Liaison: One or two teachers who can come to meetings and help communicate PTSA information back to staff and bring staff concerns to our meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator: Compiles lists of volunteers using our PTSA Volunteer Sign Up sheets. Distribute the volunteer lists to the proper committees and PTSA events. Helps to ensure volunteers are thanked and PTSA members are recognized.

Website Coordinator: Coordinate between PTSA members and the webmaster to make sure information is posted as needed.

Welcome / PTSA Hospitality: Provides refreshments at PTSA meetings and welcomes new faces.

LIAISONS: Liaisons positions benefit the PTSA by helping with communication and efficiency between groups. Suggested liaisons include Spartan Booster Club and Grade Level Liaisons. Any parent active in a group such as Band, Orchestra, Theatre, and Dance, Crew etc. who would like to attend PTSA meetings and provide a conduit for information is welcome.

FUTURE POSSIBILITIES: There have been discussions in the past about creating new positions that, although they have not materialized, should still be considered. One is a National History Day Coordinator to assist the WSHS History Department teacher heading this large and successful program for our juniors. Another possibility is to restart WSHS participation in the FCPS Science Fair with the help of a Science Fair Coordinator. Parent Principal Coffees have also been discussed but have lacked a PTSA volunteer.

“Executive Committee” – The Elected Board and the Principal (or his/her designee).
“Executive Board” – The Elected Board and the Standing Committee Chairmen. The Principal may also be on the Executive Board.
“Standing Committee” – In effect all year. Most Committees are Standing Committees.
“Special Committee” – May be created as deemed necessary and dissolved when the assigned task is complete. An example of a special committee would be a person/s willing to spearhead a letter writing campaign or signature drive to promote the possibility of FCPS purchasing the residential lot currently for sale at the corner of Rolling Road and Center Street. Another example is the current volunteer who is looking for alternative parking options beginning next year when renovations are underway and student parking is not available.
“Nominating Committee” – Three people who are members of the PTSA (excluding the President). As per our bylaws, these three volunteers are to be elected no later than at the April meeting. However, it is recommended that they be elected at the March meeting. They advertise for candidates for the Elected Board of the Executive Committee for the following year. They are required to report no later than the May meeting with nominations. Elections for Officers are held at the June meeting. While the bylaws stipulate that the Nominating Committee search to replace only the Elected Board positions, it is helpful if they (or someone such as a VP) begin a search for Committee Chair positions that may need to be filled as well. Otherwise the newly elected Board is left to fill Committee Chairmen positions over the summer. It is especially important to fill positions that are busiest in the fall such as Spartanfest, Membership, and Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.