Meetings and Minutes

All meetings are held in Spartan Hall at 7pm.

September 2017 available here
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March 2018 available here
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June 2018 not yet available
September 2016 available here
October 2016 available here
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January 2017 available here
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April 2017 available here
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September 14, 2015 available here
October 5, 2015 available here
November 9, 2015 available here
December 7, 2015 available here
January 4, 2016 available here
February 1, 2016 available here
March 7, 2016 available here
September 8, 2014 available here
October 6, 2014 available here
November 10, 2014 available here
December 1, 2014 available here
January 5, 2015 available here
February 3, 2015 available here
March 2, 2015 available here
April 13, 2015 available here
May 4, 2015 available here
June 8, 2015 available here

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Parent Opportunities Relating to Special Education


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